We are both honoured and touched by some responses we’ve had over the years from parents. Apart from making us super proud of what we do and the caring group we have grown, hearing some of this feedback is not only what inspires SNUG to keep expanding and diversifying and also makes us utterly confident that neonatal parents really are a special bunch of people. The kind words you can read below are as much a testament to the arms of friendship our parents extend to each other as to the work SNUG ourselves do:

“I truly find everyone in this group to be the strongest and most inspirational people with a strength and kindness I’ve never experienced and I feel honoured to be part of it all. Everyone is always welcomed with open arms and people are honestly interested in other people without any prejudice and complete understanding that everyone has been through a similar journey no matter how long or short.”    

“SNUG has given me access to a incredible community of people who’ve walked in my shoes. I felt so alone watching my children fight for survival and every bad day dented my armour. This group is so incredible as I constantly feel supported no matter what obstacles we’re faced with. I’m making friends I know I will have for life and with their support and empathy I’m repairing all the dents.”

“I’ve been trying to put into words how amazingly supported I’ve felt and how coming through the NNU journey was made possible by these incredible people. What I’ve discovered is there are no words that do them justice, and all I can say is they will all have my lifelong gratitude, admiration and a friend in me.”

“Without SNUG I really don’t think I would have made it through the last 18 months. Their love and constant support from mums and dads who have been through the same as me has been wonderful and I can’t thank them enough for it.”

“I saw a poster on NNU but it was when I met another member in PICU who said you were a friendly bunch that I joined. Fantastic support and informative.” 

“We have supported SNUG and intend to continue supporting. We had 2 months on NNU and we know how stressful that can be. So if you can support other parents during a happy yet stressful time you get my support and thanks.”

“Fantastic support network. It’s helped me so much knowing I’m not alone.”

“You have done so much for us and  and you have the time to give your support be it day or night and I literally don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“The unit can be a lonely place but virtual hugs and support get you through long stressful days. It also encourages you to befriend the other mums on unit as you don’t know who you can approach as it’s such a difficult time. Keep up the fabulous job.”

“Even though SNUG group was set up after my Neonatal experience of my twin girls and my girls being around 2 years old at the time, I have found the group most remarkable…not only to finally feel 2 years after, that there were and are people who know exactly how I was feeling being a prem mummy on NNU and to finally share those inner deep thoughts and experiences…but to now know I have somewhere to turn to for support and advice at times of need…and not forgetting the friends I’ve made along the way. The group is a breath of fresh air to many new Neonatal and/or prem Mummies, Daddies and their families and this can be seen by the conversations/advice/support through Facebook, the work done on and within the Unit, the fundraising that’s done and the constant love and thought for the group by those who keep it running…I just only wish there was such group 3 years ago when we were one of those families faced with having an unexpected early labour and birth.”

“S – simply the most sensationally supportive group you could wish to be apart of during your journey on the neonatal unit
N – never is there anything too insignificant or “silly” to ask about or share
U – understated for their excellence in offering support, encouragement or words of wisdom when you need it the most
G – genuinely the best group of people who have all been in the same boat & know all too well how wonderfully rewarding having a premature or sick baby can be, but also understand how hard the experience can be & are always there for you when you need them.” 

Guy, guys…..we’re blushing! 

If this is what you’re looking for as a fellow neonatal parent in Devon wanting to reach other to others, why not think about joining? If you are a neonatal parent who wants to give back this kind of support, please get in touch about volunteering or befriending.