This is by all means not an exhaustive list of books for siblings about premature babies or babies in NNU. Some of these books are a little out of date now and many are American, which means there will naturally be a few discrepancies between hospital care policies amongst other things but as a useful starting point here are some we found with useful sentiments!

We also have colouring sheets for siblings; if you as a parent or your Neonatal Unit would like some please get in touch.

The Very Tiny Baby.
By Sylvie Kantorovitz.

Good Luck, Tiny Chuck.
By Madeleine van Hamersveld.

My Teeny Tiny Brother.1
By Angela Charnstrom.

Evan Early.
By Rebecca Wojahn.

Patty Prepares for her Little Brother.
By Sharie C. Lockhart.

Rosie and Tortoise.
By Margaret Wild.

My Sister is a Preemie.
By Joseph Vitterito.

My Brother is a Preemie.
By Joseph Vitterito.

Good Things Come In Small Packages (I Was A Preemie).
By Candy Campbell.

Bentley’s Preemie Blessing.
By Michelle Stevens.

Waiting for Emma: a brother’s story.
By Danielle Leibovici.

Waiting for Baby: a sibling visit to NICU.
By Jennifer Bracci.

No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear.
By Valerie Pankhow.

The Tiniest Warrior of All.
By Nicola Maher.

The Littlest Sister.
By Leigh Schilling Edwards.

My Baby Sister Is a Preemie.
By Diana M. Amadeo.

The Story of Katie Rose.
By Harold and Phyllis Davis.