Find out more about the SNUG memory bag project here:

What’s in the bags?
Each bag contains a bear, soft tissues, lip balm, soap, flannel, mini shampoo & conditioner, a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, a snack and a copy of the Little Book of SNUG. This is an introduction to SNUG services and our parent buddies as well as a guide on how to access family support within Devon and the South West and some useful information regarding being on the neonatal unit. They have been produced in collaboration with our parent group to ensure the information is what new parents would like to know most in the early days and weeks of having a sick or premature baby. The bag is also designed to be used as a memory bag, to put NNU keepsakes in from first dummies to stimulate the sucking reflex to teeny blood pressure cuffs, and keep them safe.

Who gets the bags?
Every baby who is admitted to the RD&E NNU will get a bag for their parents, whether they are on post-natal or have been discharged. It doesn’t matter if the baby has been born in the RD&E or transferred. SNUG are looking to expand to other NNUs in Devon to carry this project even wider as soon as we can so that we can reach more parents and improve some details of their stays on neonatal units and help them know they are not alone.

Why are these bags important?
Babies are frequently admitted to a NNU because of emergency complications that arise, whether that emergency is premature birth or complications that arose in labour. This means that babies are admitted without parents having time to plan for contingencies that will take a lot longer than a planned hospital stay. Because of the facilities that the RD&E NNU has, babies are also often transferred there from other hospitals. Transfers can happen very quickly with little warning if a baby needs treatment very quickly, and this can be a tremendous strain on parents, both emotionally but also practically, as they may be far from home and family and friends who would otherwise be able to bring simple things in and out. Whilst medical staff are there to attend to medical needs, parents are absolutely necessary in comforting their new babies and so we need to look after them too.

How much is a bag and will my donation go directly to this project?
A SNUG memory bag costs £5 and your donation will go directly to funding the bag itself and its contents.

Anything else I should know?
This project, like many others SNUG have run, has been developed with parents who have used and benefitted from SNUG, many of them staying on the RD&E unit themselves. All our staff and volunteers have direct experience of having had a sick or premature baby, and this as well as working in constant collaboration with our active and supportive parent forum means that we are responding to the feedback of things that will make the experience of staying on a NNU that little bit easier. Our parents have helped with everything, from the design, to helping choose the contents and what should be included in the Little Book of SNUG.