There’s no question that having a baby is a life changing event. When things don’t go as planned, the whole family can be affected.

Our goal at SNUG is ensure that all new families who have had a difficult start to parenthood have access to the support and resources they need.  Originally established as a parent group, today we host a welcoming community of lived experience volunteers who together with our skilled partners, deliver truly transformative care across Devon.

Fundamental to everything we set out to achieve, is the concept of people and communities. Holding firm the belief that when a group of individuals get together; with openness, honesty and compassion, they can somehow find a shared wisdom and from that, effective solutions to life’s challenges organically evolve.

It is this type of community and ‘shared thinking’ that inspired our growth all those years ago and the very reason we say that every time a new family joins SNUG, the heart of SNUG just gets bigger! 

Our Vision

As a result of our continuous engagement with families, communities and leaders we are constantly surprised by the dedication and commitment to achieving better outcomes for vulnerable families. Step inside to read SNUG’s vision and values.
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Meet the Team

Driving forward social change for neonatal families requires valuable knowledge, lived experience and community empowerment. Step inside to meet the team who are transforming communities by raising awareness and providing essential early support.

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Parent Panel

A group of empowered individuals all coming together to tackle inequalities for neonatal families. Working with an independent facilitator, the parent panel set the trajectory for the work we do as a charity, ensuring all our learning and development is based on what they tell us they need

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Our Services

Feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed? We get it. When life throws you a curveball it can be hard to know where to turn to for support. Here at SNUG we have learned first hand how tough it can be if your entry into parenthood is impacted upon by a difficult pregnancy or birth. Over the years, we’ve learned that support can come in many forms...
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Work With Us

When you join our team, you become part of a culture where wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. As a progressive charity we look to work with dynamic, authentic and inspiring individuals who want to be a part of transforming lives and services for brand new families in Devon. Does this sound like you?

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Our community impact

SNUG’s long-term and consistent goal has been to drive forward innovation to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable families. A fairer start, a healthier life and a strong community are among the many things that can impact positively on perinatal mental health..

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Volunteer with us

Volunteering can be a rich and rewarding experience. Get in touch with us today to learn more about opportunities in Devon or alternatively email us directly at