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Who do SNUG help?

SNUG support parents with sick or vulnerable babies all over Devon. Usually our families fall into one of the following groups.

  • The family are staying  in hospital because their baby is in  intensive care or SCBU

  • The family have been separated from each other, their baby or their older children (due to maternal/baby health issues)

  • The family have had a very early or very sick baby who is in hospital long term

  • The family have been transferred a long way from home , away from their support network, in order for their child to get the medical help it needs.

  • The family  have had their baby discharged from hospital following a very traumatic experience


How do SNUG help families?

  • They provide consistent, quality and high impact support to families during and after their time on Neonatal Unit.(s)

  • They host a range of meetings and groups in the hospital and the community, enabling families to meet, socialize and support one another

  • They take wholesome food to families to help them keep up their strength

  • They manage a busy online forum, that families can access day and night.

  • They work with researchers and medical professionals to improve Neonatal service provision

  • They provide one to one parent support at the cot side

  • They provide transitional care to families
  • They train and recruit volunteers

  • They make donations to the unit for equipment such as developmental aids that support babies’ growth and development.                                                                                                                                                                                        

What will my money be used for?

£3.00 could be used buy a comfort pack for a traumatized parent, supplying them with toiletries, moisturiser, tissues and lip balm.

£10..00 could  cover the cost of a volunteer travelling to the hospital to visit an upset or grieving parent

£20.00 could pay for a days training, making sure that SNUG staff and volunters have all the right skills to support families in need

£30.00 could pay for a months worth of warm soup and bread rolls to help parents with sick babies keep up their strength

£50.00 could be used to buy a box of library books so parents can read their babies a story at night

£100.00 could pay for a months worth of support groups, so Mum’s, Dad’s and babies can come together and share their experiences.

Note: SNUG also run a number of joint projects with the RD&E which support babies growth and development and promote bonding. We advertise these projects via our Supporting SNUG  facebook page.





Why Support Us?

Value: We are a small organisation that serve a large body of people. Your funds won’t get eaten up by a long list of  overheads. This means donations can go straight towards the things that matter, (making sure families and babies get the support and equipment they need)

Accountability: Our service is run by a board of trustees who  maintain regular and close contact with the volunteer team. SNUG have strong partnerships with Neonatal Care providers and are guided and supported by them.

Credibility: We are the U.K’s leading peer support service and the biggest and most successful of its kind. Our work has attracted the interest of national researchers and specialists across the country.

Satisfaction: The support of our donors is invaluable. Without your help many of these families will go through this experience feeling extremely alone. SNUG can and will provide them with the support network they need. Invest in SNUG and take pride in seeing this service develop and grow, feel satisfied that you’ve helped in some way to bring comfort to families of sick babies.

Appreciation: We acknowledge all gifts with gratitude and welcome supporters as members of the wider SNUG family. We will keep you informed about how your money is spent and the difference you have made to the lives of people in your local community.


 Thank you for considering us.