Once engaged in SNUG, our volunteers will encourage families to join a moderated online forum, where they can access support from their peers at a time that suits them. Here, volunteers will build on the relationships established in hospital and they will be there to consistently  engage with parents, link families together and provide further information about Children’s Centres, support services and groups across rural Devon. Those who are unable to access online facilities can receive follow up telephone calls from volunteers.

img059Our moderated parent-only forum is run like a virtual community group. “SNUG BUGS” is the place where many of us talk and communicate on a regular basis. It’s different to other Facebook groups in that we have dedicated facilitators who get to know all of our members personally. Our trained facilitators run the group between 9am-5pm Mondays to Fridays but for members, the group is of course there 24/7 for night feeds, lonely hours for those in hospital or when you just need to share a precious moment or ask that question that has been bugging you all day. It is in this corner of cyberspace that you will always find a listening ear, a person to lean on and a community of friends who will unite in happy and sad times.

The forum is run via Facebook and is operated with “closed” settings so that the forum is entirely private so your posts, comments and likes will not come up on your public newsfeed. This allows our members to have their own space where they can share news, worries and celebrations alike that you might otherwise feel hesitant with sharing on social media.

caterpillarprongsThe group is run with some simple rules to ensure that our little group remains a happy and supportive place.
When you join our group, we will ask you some personal information (more information is on our “Joining page”) that we will never share with anyone else. This is to make sure that our families all meet our criteria and the group is keep a safe space. If we are asking for information for anything research related, we will be very clear with our members that what they are submitting will be shared, whether anonymously or sharing some extra details.

We ask that all information shared is kept confidential, that medical professionals are not named personally and that links to selling or fundraising drives are not shared to keep the group purely for parent to parent support. If you are fundraising for SNUG, we would love to hear about it on our public page or on Twitter!