So you’re becoming a dad to a new beautiful baby and the nervous excitement during the pregnancy grips you. Then you and your partner are thrust into the world of neonatal care! This can be a time of high anxiety, stress and emotions, leaving you feeling numb, helpless and under ever increasing pressure.

DAPA has been created to offer Dads and Partners a place to go for support, advice and encouragement from others who have experienced the same or similar with their little ones. Every member of DAPA has spent time on a neonatal unit in Devon and has felt the feelings, managed the emotions and experienced the pressures that face them. Our group is here to listen, not judge, advise, not fix and to validate many of the feelings that we can face along the way, all within a relaxed and chilled environment. Outside of our Facebook group we meet up and support other community based events designed to bring people families together, meet new people and make a difference.




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