When you have a baby admitted to Neonatal Care your world turns upside down.

The fear and uncertainty, the long hours sat with your baby hoping or praying for a strong recovery.

Like any kind of parenting, it doesn’t come with a manual but sometimes connecting with others who have been through a similar experience can help. That’s why our cotside teams all have lived experience of Neonatal Care. Because at SNUG we passionately believe that when you’ve been through it too, you are perfectly placed to reach out to others who are on a similar journey. Of course not every experience is the same and how much you’d like to share with us is completely up to you but sometimes just meeting others who have come through the other side can provide a realistic source of strength, hope and optimism. The cotside team is also on hand to answer any questions you may have about caring for your baby in the neonatal unit, about life in the community and/or access to other families who have babies of a similar age or gestation to you. At SNUG we pride ourselves on being your loyal listeners, your confidants and your connection to happier times during and beyond your time in hospital. We currently have cot side visits running four times a week in Exeter and North Devon but our services are available to all families who are resident in the Southwest or who have a baby in a Southwest Neonatal Unit.

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